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 Since 2008 at Windsor Neckwear we pride ourselves on offering high quality products with attention to detail and craftsmanship.  We understand the value of offering our customers a limited edition product that will allow them to display their individual style through the art of dress bestowing the opportunity to "Stand Out While Fitting In".  This is one of the reasons we produce no more than 50 pieces of any necktie or bow tie that is offered in our collection.  Once an item sells out we will never produce that particular pattern and color combination.  
As a customer you can be secure that you are purchasing quality items that have been designed individually to meet the various styles and personalities of any buyer.  Windsor Neckwear provides designs and color pallets that range from conservative to trendy meeting the demand of any individuals style profile.  Windsor Neckwear prides itself on the guarantee of providing a true limited edition collection that allows our clients to express themselves through their personal style.  Thank you for shopping with us and we hope that you enjoy your experience. 
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